Minecraft Server plugins

Servers are the best way to enjoy Minecraft multiplayer.

Admins have the ability to modify Minecraft gameplay elements through plugins. These plugins enable new features and content to be added to vanilla Minecraft.

There are many plugins that Minecraft server admins can install. We will be looking at the most popular and best plugins.


Most Minecraft servers will somehow need to track player permissions. This allows players to be granted different roles and abilities. To set up staff roles on the server, a permissions plugin will also be required.

LuckPerms is the most downloaded permissions plugin currently. Players can download it and install it on their servers.

LuckPerms comes with a Wiki page that provides information on a variety of uses, making it an easy choice for server administrators.


Ever wonder how Minecraft economy servers manage their own money and implement kits? Essentials is the most widely used plugin to add key components to a server that players will likely have encountered in the past.

The Essentials plugin powers popular server commands such as /msg and /tpa.


WorldGuard, another plugin that is used almost every Minecraft server today, is also a common one. This plugin prevents griefing and allows admins to create protected zones on their server.

WorldGuard is more than this. This plugin allows players to create potion effects in certain areas and deny entry to others.


WorldEdit is used for various purposes. It allows administrators to make large, quick changes to the map. This reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks.

WorldEdit can be difficult to learn. Sportskeeda offers a guide to some of the most useful WorldEdit commands.

NoCheat Plus

Are you tired of annoying cheaters using hacks to kill others? NoCheat Plus is an entirely free plugin that stops players cheating. This plugin will stop most blatant cheats.

It is impossible to stop all cheaters from playing on any Minecraft server. NoCheat Plus is designed to make this task more difficult and less effective.


New PVP in Minecraft?

PVP changed a lot since 1.8 or so it seems and it affected Minecraft players that play singleplayer as well as Minecraft players that play Minecraft servers. In fact if you’re playing Minecraft servers you’ve probably noticed that even more.

Why? Mainly because of things like hit delay. In Minecraft 1.8 you could fight players with no delay, just hit them as fast as you can, while in later versions of Minecraft they’ve added some delays, shields and other things. The main issue with current PVP in Minecraft for me are those delays, mainly because I’m not used of it and because I hate waiting and looking at mobs while they’re attacking me. It’s really not much fun…

Looking at Minecraft news and updates things are about to change with Minecraft 1.17 and it’s about time. PVP in Minecraft 1.9 up to 1.16 is just too slow and whenever you’re playing on Minecraft servers against players or just fighting mobs, even in single player it’s just too slow and painful. But I guess for now all we can do is wait for Minecraft 1.17 and hope it will fix those issues.


1.16 Minecraft servers?

So I was thinking about getting back into Minecraft, start casually playing again a bit, it’s been awhile since I’ve been playing, probably a few years. It seems like Mojang kept pushing updates once or twice per years, so I guess a lot of new stuff was added.

Me wanting to play latest Minecraft servers got me thinking tho, how many servers did actually update to Minecraft 1.16. So let’s check it out…

As any other Minecraft play I first checked out Minecraft servers on vote sites and the first the popped out was and results were kinda mixed at best. It seems like a lot of Minecraft servers actually support 1.16 Minecraft clients but not all Minecraft servers were updated, hence some of the new blocks were simply not there even in famous Minecraft Creative mode.

Went further and digged a bit deeper and I found GServers a site that lists Minecraft servers with version information, plugin list, etc. Looking at plugins on those servers it looks like a lot of servers are using ViaVersion which is Minecraft multi version plugin. Kinda disappointing maybe but on the other hand I’m already used of this, since I know most of Minecraft servers are slow with updates, mostly because they also have to update all Minecraft plugins.

It’s not all bad tho, I managed to find some Minecraft 1.16 servers and were actually fun to play on, but most of big Minecraft servers are 1 or 2 versions behind for now. I’m sure they’ll eventually catch up… looking forward to it actually 🙂