New PVP in Minecraft?

PVP changed a lot since 1.8 or so it seems and it affected Minecraft players that play singleplayer as well as Minecraft players that play Minecraft servers. In fact if you’re playing Minecraft servers you’ve probably noticed that even more.

Why? Mainly because of things like hit delay. In Minecraft 1.8 you could fight players with no delay, just hit them as fast as you can, while in later versions of Minecraft they’ve added some delays, shields and other things. The main issue with current PVP in Minecraft for me are those delays, mainly because I’m not used of it and because I hate waiting and looking at mobs while they’re attacking me. It’s really not much fun…

Looking at Minecraft news and updates things are about to change with Minecraft 1.17 and it’s about time. PVP in Minecraft 1.9 up to 1.16 is just too slow and whenever you’re playing on Minecraft servers against players or just fighting mobs, even in single player it’s just too slow and painful. But I guess for now all we can do is wait for Minecraft 1.17 and hope it will fix those issues.